Stine Regild lives and works in Copenhagen. She is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Design 1999 with an exchange period in Stockholm in 1997. Regild has from childhood been exposed to a world of antique furniture, design objects and art as her grandfather traded antiques and the Danish artist Carsten Regild was a beloved family member, who had numerous paintings hanging in Regild’s childhood home. Classic drawing and graphic design had her interest long before Regild engaged in the fashion world. Regild was to be found in front of sculptures drawing in museums and while she was attending a preliminary art school she organized small exhibitions with hers and her fellow student’s art works.


A long Regild’s professional career in the fashion world she continuously worked with her art and with a special affection for the collage and found materials. Cardboard, paper, masonite and ceramic elements are the primary material components, but also painting and glossy varnish are part of Regild’s collages and assemblages. She builds her compositions with a special attention to tactility and structure compilations. You will meet unexpected combinations such as dismantled egg tray, reused wrapping paper and an old furniture wheel. By playing with divers materials Regild also adds dimension and space to her pieces making the collages vivid and the surfaces open. She finds that the reutilized materials carry a story and the patinas express a kind of presence and belonging given by time.


Experimenting with geometric figures is a central interest to Regild. The square, triangle and especially the circle is a recurring shape. Big, small and half circles Regild appreciates them all, as they add movement and energy to the compositions. The combination of black and white has also been a longtime fascination. The tension and duality between the two are an unfailing source and a configuration which attracts the eye. It is a matter of balance, and what may come across as a clash or even a mismatch might be the exact delightful unexpected pairing.


Antique, vintage and in all shapes and materials - Regild has an infatuation with frames. It is a treasure hunt to seek them out, restore them and make them shine again. The profile, color, shape and carvings of the frames serve as a compositional feature and several frames are often integrated inside one another. Regild believes the tactile qualities and the aged sensation are thrilling, because our senses somehow recollect the recognizable styles and the quality of the craft of previous periods.